Jul 14

Additional movement in Summer

Many people come on vacation a few pounds on. Laze and overeating are two reasons for this. To avoid getting heavier, you can of course be careful with food, but also move more. And for that extra movement, you do not really in the gym because you can reach the smaller things too!


holidayIs there a destination on your pool or sea nearby? Go at a quiet time (eg early morning) laps. With fifteen laps, you’ve already burned. Around 115 calories They also train your leg muscles!


Take early morning or late evening stroll. At these moments, it is often not so hot and there are not many people outside. Will you have to train your muscles a bit? Then walk a trail with stairs or hills, or go hiking in the mountains! A walk on the beach you will also burn more calories than if you just walk across the road. This is because the sand is heavier and therefore you your legs a little more to lift.

Additional movement on the beach

It is wonderful to be baking a whole afternoon on the beach in the sun, but the beach is also the ideal place for fun activities. Take a beach set them to go play tennis or go snorkeling in the sea.

Take the stairs!

Take the stairs is a small effort and still has effect. Most people take in their hotel or apartment building elevator, while you’re often just as fast with the stairs.

Participate in activities

Most hotels and campsites organize fun (and sports) activities. Often activities are announced at the reception or when you arrive a leaflet. So do once in a while along with that one beach volleyball tournament or take a lesson aqua aerobics. Besides that it is very nice and you have some extra moves, you will learn in this way also another new people.


Is a pleasant musical evening organized at your vacation spot? Throw those hips loose and dance nice watch! Along rather than to At many holiday destinations there are animation teams present which often organize dance classes.

Small exercises

Take your (hotel) room or in your tent a few minutes to some abdominal and leg muscle exercises to do. You will also need to do them no attributes and if you stay on vacation is still a little form.

Walk instead of taking the car or bus

Is the city or the supermarket your vacation spot? Go shopping or running errands. If the weather is nice, a walk always delicious and so you’ll come again for additional movement.

Make sure you keep drinking plenty of water and you’re good rub yourself with sunscreen when you exercise in the sun. Also in the water and burn quickly, so please do not forget to smear.

Jul 14

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